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I put a big difference between fanservice characters and actual charaters.

Put Mara Jade in a black leather loin-cloth; side by side with Darth Talon. Milf dildo pics. Oh look - more wizard robes! It was a Togruta girl, with orange and white markings.

Mara Jade or Padme. She has more stories after that, and she went to the dark side?!? She is the best of Krayt's Sith Order. Star wars twi lek naked. My friend didn't get it until 34! It's depressing how much better Sith armour is compared to their Jedi counterparts at similar levels.

It's just a huge piece of fabric. Being good at what you do does not equal a dynamic character. If Portman looked in the Prequels like she looked in that silly stoner movie "Your Highness" from last year, I'd agree. I mean, that has got to be hot all that molten rock, right? That's a spicy Sith! I just gave up on Bounty Hunter helmets and remodded a Sith Warrior orange, and I'm much happier for it. I hope you get that gravy you want!

Suddenly, someone farther down the corridor, another captive shrieked loudly, as if in pain. Naked pokemon characters. Bastila has a great set of B. It has to be Slave Girl Leia. Anakin is the hottest Ask yourself- does that really equal loyalty?

Or any of her incarnations, really. Yes, I'm pretty sure you are. I couldn't really complain, sexually attractive males don't look like something I'd like as a man anyway, but it is, of course, inherently unfair. Killing people without a second thought isn't exactly a positive character trait to some folks. He had a nasty visage on his face and an electro-whip powered up in his hand.

Rianna Saren, lost her right lekku and had it replaced with cybernetics ostensibly a computer to replace the lost brain function. Am I the only one that thinks Natalie Portman is kinda ugly? Water dripped somewhere in the hold, the sound made Nyllura thirsty. How many characters start a fetish that is still popular 30 years later?

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Of course this is all after my bounty hunter Arlandria on Ajunta Pall server who i dont have a picture of unfortunately. Best lesbian massage ever. Anakin is pretty good looking! I second the notion that Mara Jade is the hottest.

But someone did mention Aayla Secura. Star wars twi lek naked. You would have had much more interaction with her if the game had been completed. Or any of her incarnations, really. Not to mention the level of her importance in the game was very minimal despite her heavily promoted image for the game.

It is certainly an interesting and powerful piece.

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If you actually do everything on a planet, including all the heroics, and then do the flashpoints as soon as you get them, I can see easily out levelling the main story. Definitely one of those characters completely looking unlike their promo art.

I believe we ALL were counting the days on that one. Case in point http: D - I'm just greedy! In case ur wandering http: Darth Talon is fanservice and character merged into a beautiful flavor one. Keep up the work. You don't get it. Kerry katona nude video. I kinda feel this is proper. Jabba is the most sexiest man in Star Wars! I respect BioWare's decision to be faithful to the craptastic helmet design that LucasArts came up with for the movies but aside from Lando, none of the protagonists would have been caught dead wearing that nonsense.

And call me crazy, but I think Aric Jorgan is super hot too, even if he's a companion. Yes, I'm pretty sure you are. Put Mara Jade on a pinup calendar in lingere, and these guys will change their stories. Not for how many days before TPM comes out. But not really hot. Pamela anderson naked. I mean, that has got to be hot all that molten rock, right? One of the better Twi'lek renditions on DV. I'm disappointed in all of you. It was just very disappointing.

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