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Jensen ackles and jared padalecki naked

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The boys are so well-written, Jensen with his issues and Jared with his innate goodness overcoming them No need to get nasty Jared is definetly a closet gay.

Did the sex with JK involve strap-ons? It would be nice if Jensen and Jared were gay, but they are probably both straight and both probably enjoy plunging their cocks into pussy - not ass. Party pics nude. Enter your email to get updates on this discussion. Jensen ackles and jared padalecki naked. I love the way they flirt with each other for lack of a better word at the moment.

How about if YOU go out the door and don't come back? Apparently, someone wrote a comment on her journal. A friend of a friend works on set. When surfing the web for pictures for this post, I was like a dog heat looking at the copious amounts of sexy images of two actors. I don't even know who these two are but they are fucking gay R - Why would they need to save money NOW after 3 years?

This photo of Jared came online recently with him obviously drunk and his twigs and berries heh hanging out. Jensen is a nice man. I'm a gay guy, but I don't bash people just because they have different opinion from me, and I don't bully people on-line, especially under the moniker of 'anonymous'. Pinay nude webcam. And Jensen pays attention to the beans at lunch AND dinner, because he also has to spend the night with his boyfriend.

And Jared would look like such a douche and piss off his fans so he couldn't exactly confirm it. Or is it the music that he plays in the car? Steve Carlson and Jensen lived together in LA.

Look at him dancing around like an idiot behind Jensen here:. Actually, that's not true. Sandy is way too classy to tell the details, plus it's humiliating! We've always got along, you know we got along from day one so I think we realized, listen we're spending so much time together. Your butthurt is far too evident! Luckily, most Supernatural fans aren't psycho.

They're totally secret expressions,between them, the director, the gaffer, the best boy, the assistant producer, the propmaster, the key grip, the dolly operator, both workers at crafty, the lady from wardrobe, the hair and makeup trailer, and the costar of the week. If you're letting it rile you, you are smack bang in the thick of it. And if you read his interviews, you have to twist his arm to even acknowledge that he is linked to someone of the opposite sex he sooner mentions his mother or jared than whoever is supposed to be dating.

Wow — he looks amazing! We have no right to judge them coz love is created by GOD. It's not like the chick who posted the ONTD story was the only one who 'knew before the split was public' since hello, we all did.

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Just because Jensen had sex JK although, how do we know this? Well, if those Smallville promo shots are photoshopped, someone did a whole bunch of them and released them to websites as official Season 4 promo shots ;- There's a website that releases promo shots and there are about 4 of that pose from Smallville's Season 4 when Jensen was a cast member and all of the photos look like that.

And yes, it's fake. You wonder if the director was gay considering the way the camera pans up and down Jensen's back and butt while he is sleeping. Girls nude vagina. When I was doing a lot of amateur and semi-pro acting, I explored it a bit to help me with my roles. Sure, i wouldn't mind if they'd be a couple, but as long as they're not both saying " Yes we're in love with each other" and dunno what, then i won't pretend read things into their actions and wordsthat aren't there.

I also agree with what was said, the fangirls would be insanely happy if these two guys were a couple. Therefore, the evidence conclusively shows that each time Jensen sees Jared's long, thick manhood, he is gripped by feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and shame. Jensen ackles and jared padalecki naked. And from what I've read, Jared and Jensen usually fly in the night before and immediately fly out the same day it ends.

One of Jensen's co-stars in My Bloody Valentine was Kerr Smith and he was asked in an interview about filming and he talked about how Jensen and Jared were always texting or calling each other and teasing each other about whose movie was going to be better, which one had the cooler villain and so on.

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Think of men in battle. If that were true then i'd be dating quiet a lot of guys. The two really do share a house Jared's. Anyway, I know Jared loves meeting fans and I know he gets paid a bit for attending the conventions. Hot nude mallu sex. She's standing behind him in the picture. I would love to know their full story so I can tear up and say "aawwww, love is not dead, aren't they so cute together". There is outside proof that they did talk to each other alot while making their movies this summer.

I can't wait to find out who's the next topic of infactuation! Thanks to whomever put it together or posted it! Eye of the beholder. He walks with the confidence of a guy who has a big one. He can pull some primadonna, Shannen Doherty-esque shit to get out of it, but not if he expects to work again. I guess my words came out wrong. I think they share a bed. I wonder just how much of this affectionate act Jensen and Jared seem to have going on with the convention hugs and teasing is really an act?

Can't wait for Jared and Jensen's appearance in Chicago next month. Lesbian pics of sex. That ending scene last week was brilliant - I watched it multiple times. So get on her case already and bring us back the goods! Most of them hated this two-parter and I don't blame them. The other stuff is just speculation and imagination, which is NOT the fault of the Winchesters.

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Simply put, he and Sandra are not engaged and that's that. Xxx dark pussy. Which photos do you mean?? They also drink alot LOL Jared is a pothead. The boys are so well-written, Jensen with his issues and Jared with his innate goodness overcoming them You could google the title and get the piece if you are interested.

So, that means krupa wishes that jensen gave her orgasms on her personal online interview. Jensen ackles and jared padalecki naked. Resident evil 5 nude mod Sorry, I just see dorks. And they should be taken to task for the duplicity. Sandy is way too classy to tell the details, plus it's humiliating! I think you caught Jensen's confusion and need and love and fear and his huge desire to say what he is afraid to say, so perfectly.

I climbed on the roof of the car. But uh, thank you, thank you i'd love that. About him wanting to quit.

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SEXY ANIME GIRLS HD They were together at the Michael John's AI birthday party a week or two ago. You would be surprised at the number of men who masquerade on IMDB and fan forums as women. Jensen and Jared are going to be at a convention together this weekend; I'll let you know who appears hairier.
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Wwf women naked He went on to say that he had a fantasy about how it would be to live on his own but when he arrived in LA, the reality wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
Anal escort berlin I think he's just kidding around with the fans. Sandy is way too classy to tell the details, plus it's humiliating! If Jensen really is harbouring these unrequited feelings for Jared, I think it's kinda cruel that Jared keeps joking about it in interviews.

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